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Crystal Echevarria

crystal echevarria

Empowering kitchen creativity one person at a time

Crystal has always had a passion for cooking and an interest in health and fitness. She began her career focused on nutrition but quickly noticed how many people didn't want to eat healthy because it didn't "taste good". Not being one to give up, Crystal began her culinary education in an effort to create delicious healthy food. She has worked in kitchens, fitness facilities, and even child nutrition programs. In each of her roles she noticed a common interest: people wanted (or needed) to eat healthy, but weren't sure how to do it. After realizing how many people had questions about cooking, nutrition, and the role that food plays within the body, Crystal started Culinary Confidante. 

Crystal believes, "we are what we eat".  With a background in nutrition, she tries to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as she can into her own diet and her cooking often reflects that. In 2019, Crystal took Culinary Confidante completely plant-based. Crystal also believes that we eat with our eyes, and so she emphasizes creating beautiful food.

The connection between nutrition, cooking and physical fitness is regularly highlighted in Crystal's teaching. Not only can she show you how to cook an ingredient but she can help you understand what that food will do for your body. Whether you are trying to fuel for performance, consume more functional foods, or just want to eat healthy food that tastes good, Crystal can help. With today's technology there's a lot of information (including misinformation) available on nutrition, cooking and physical fitness. As your trusted culinary advisor, Crystal will help you determine just what you need to know. 

Outside of the kitchen, she enjoys running, strength training, and yoga. In her own kitchen, she can usually be found experimenting with new recipes and drinking a glass of wine. It's her own creativity in the kitchen that inspires her to empower others’ creativity in their kitchens. Crystal Echevarria received her B.S. in Nutrition, Dietetics & Hospitality from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois before attending Kendall College’s Culinary Arts program in Chicago where she earned her Personal Chef & Catering Certificate. Additionally, Crystal is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a Fitness Nutrition Specialist designation and a ServSafe certified Food Protection Manager. 

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