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Cooking Parties

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Host a cooking party with Culinary Confidante and the cooking class comes to your kitchen. You and your guests will prepare a delicious menu (of your choosing) while learning new techniques. Basic equipment, ingredients, and an apron for each guest will be provided. Parties average 5 hours, including set up and clean up. 

Pricing starts at 750.00 and is dependent on the number of guests, menu, and the party format chosen. Please contact me for a detailed estimate.

I look forward to cooking with you!

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Dinner parties

Dinner Parties

Start the party with a short knife skills demonstration while noshing on a chef prepared appetizer. Working in teams, you and your guests will prepare a thoughtfully selected menu while learning a few new skills in the kitchen. After cooking, each team will share what they've created and the group will discuss the recipes, cooking techniques and any tips that they found helpful.

Recipe recommendations will be provided based on desired skills.

Workshop Parties

Workshop parties allow the client to get more specific about what they would like to learn. Choose a topic from the workshop list that you and your guests to like to delve into and together we will create a custom designed experience for your party.


Please note that prices listed for workshops are for individual in-home coaching workshops and not for parties. Please contact me below for your personalized estimate.

Workshop Parties


The Culinary Confidante Menu provides a variety of options to choose from for all party formats. Certain dishes may be recommended based on your party. Due to the seasonality of certain menu items, not all foods or techniques may be listed at all times.

If there is something you'd like to include in your party that isn't currently on the menu, just ask! Each party is custom designed for each client. 

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